Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a sense of entitlement?

Sometimes we get happy messages from happy people who come to the shop, and we love and appreciate it! It has also happened more than once, sad to say, when someone complains about me, or John, or our shop in general, via email, or through a more public place such as myspace.

These few people complains about how rude we are (and I'll explain why,) and how much they wished our business would fail.

There have been occasions when a person comes into the shop, finds a table, sets down his backpack, pulls out his water bottle, plugging in his laptop, and starts surfing online, or typing his term paper.

We wait by the register for him to come and order, and the person does not even look up from his screen.

We ask what we can make for him, and he says, "Oh, I'm OK. Don't need anything right now."

Then we'd say things like, "Hey, if you're staying, we'll need you to make a purchase."

He may stand up and get something, but other times he'd reply, "There are other coffee shops you know. I just don't want anything. You are asking me to leave?"

We say, "Yes, we'll need you to order if you'd like to say."

The person gets angry and leaves.

Really? Coming to a coffee shop, not purchasing anything, to just using the laptop (or reading the magazines, or going to the bathroom, or hanging out,) and thinking it's OK?

After he leaves, he finds our email or myspace page and sends messages to tell us how rude and bad we are, how much we suck, and how much he wishes that the shop fails.

It doesn't make sense. We're a small local business that's making a living by offering great products, and SELLING them. People don't go into a restaurant, a bakery, or a bar, to just sit down, relax, and not make an order, or go watch a movie in the theater without paying... why do they think it's OK to do it at a little coffee shop?

When a person stays without buying anything, but uses our space, electricity, and heater or a/c, he is ripping us off, and he is also ripping off all of our customers. He is a coffee shop leech!

We enjoy making the perfect cup for those who appreciate it and supports us. We love having friends, families, and customers in the shop, where we share coffee and tea ideas and talk over a serious brew. When a person doesn't respect us or our family and friends, he will get thrown out.


Parker said...

You want me to come up there and beat him up?
I will.
He sucks.
So there.
love you,

yiching said...

ohh kat! you're the sweetest.
we can beat him up together if he comes back.

hugs hugs hugs.

Anonymous said...

what if you and/or your husband were rude to paying customers? sometimes it isn't the friendliest place to walk into.

Anonymous said...

don't get me wrong your coffee and food is great...but i don't get the warmest feelings from the service.

yiching said...

To Anonymous, since you choose to remain anonymous, we cannot honestly view your comment as credible, but here's my response:

We would not have been rude to a customer of ours; however, we do have unwavering principles concerning our business and our products. We go above and beyond to make certain that our customers get the best in quality of drinks and experience. Unfortunately there are people who believe it's OK to put their needs in front of the principles of a small independent business.

We believe that the very best in customer service begins with quality of product. This creates loyalty between customer and business, and our customers trust that we will deliver what we promise every time.

Ocassionally there's a person or a group that comes in with outside food or drink, doesn't purchase anything, or doesn't respect us or other customers, but expects to be treated as a customer when they clearly are not. It's unfortunate that some people want to treat a small local business as a public venue.