Friday, December 05, 2008

chicken with shitake mushroom soup

Both John and I are a bit under the weather... I think we mught have caught something on the plane coming back.

And then I remember reading about how chicken soup is scientifically proven to make people not just feel better, but BE better, so I made a simple chicken with shitake mushroom soup that my mom always made back in Taiwan.

chicken with shitake mushrooms
I made in the slow-cooker (crock pot).

It's a simplified version... but I only put in chicken drumsticks and soaked shitake mushrooms. I know many people who'd also put in fresh sliced ginger... which I didn't have in hand. The ginger would make the soup even better, I believe. I did save the water where I soak the mushrooms in and use it for the "base" of the stock.

I let the soup cook on high for about 4 hours, and then added salt and a dashi seasoning to taste.

chicken soup with noodles
I also cook some noodles to go with the soup.

chicken soup with noodles
With some fresh ground black pepper this noodle soup was a nice meal for those who has a cold.

I think I'm feeling better already!

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