Tuesday, December 16, 2008

shell baker

When we were in Japan I saw some pastry shell makers and remembered that I had seen them in second hand stores. I had been trying to find one ever since.

Last week I found one! It was a Black and Decker one, in almost new condition, and it was only $4. Yay!

shell baker exterior
The Shell Baker exterior.

shell baker interior
The Shell Baker interior.

I made some simple strawberry n' whipped cream pastry dessert:

Before baking, remember to plug in the baker to preheat the unit.

phyllo dough pastry sheets
I bought some phyllo dough pastry sheets.

phyllo dough sheets
Fold each sheet into little squares.

phyllo dough pastry
Place the folded sheets into the baking pan (detachable from the baker).

baked phyllo dough sheets
Place the pan into the unit, close the lid and bake for 8 minutes, and I got my pasty shells! OK they didn't look pretty but they were yummy.

I read about the phyllo dough sheets in these bakers... it takes a little bit longer than other kinds of doughs because it's harder to form little shell/cup shape out of these sheets. The instruction (that I found online) indicated that most of the doughs will only take about 2-3 minutes to bake.

phyllo dough pastry dessert
I filled the pastry "shells" with whipped cream and sliced strawberries. Simple yumminess!

I think I'll be making a lot of edible shells/cups from now on.

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sdlb said...

I found an identical one at a "Save a Pet" Thrift Shop for $15.oo. It's worth the $ because of what these folks do. I have a feeling that I will be having fun with this! I found your site while looking for a manual. I'll call the 1-800 no# anyway & hopefully have one mailed to me. Thanks for posting! It's a handy tip! Hugs, Sheri *¿*