Saturday, December 13, 2008

yama with "little dear"

I found this cute little "little dear" backpack (from Disney) for $2 at the second hand store, and thought it'd look cute on Yama.

yama with backpack

yama with backpack
He didn't seem very excited about it...

yama with backpack all.

yama with backpack
The backpack is really cute. I believe it's a baby Bambi with a big head.

yama with backpack
"Yama is ready to go to school."

I didn't think Yama like it after all. He didn't refuse it when I tried to put the backpack on him, but he didn't seem too happy either. Nuki was watching on the side and making happy faces. I bet he was happy that he was too big for the backpack.

Interesting enough, Yama did act very obedient when the backpack was on him. Maybe I should get him a real doggie backpack when we go on walks.

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