Friday, December 19, 2008

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Inokashira Park - part 1

After visiting Shimokitazawa, John and I got back on the train and arrived at Kichijoji. We were going to find these really yummy beef meatballs near a market street but were unable to find it in time.

We then decided to go to Inokashira Park first.

I had heard that during Sakura season (spring), Inokashira Park would be one of the most beautiful places Japanese people like to visit. Of course there wasn't any sakura flowers left when we were there late November, but we did see a lot of beautiful trees and colorful autumn leaves.

inokashira park
The park was huge and beautiful!

inokashira park
Lots of beautiful trees and happy people.

big tree
Giant maple(?) tree. I was holding my camera, almost at the ground, but still couldn't get a full picture of the tree!

inokashira park
There was a huge and beautiful lake where a lot people would slow down their pace, sit down, and watch the ducks and fish in the lake.

old couple feeding ducks
This old couple was so cute! They were talking, feeding the ducks, and smiling.

It was a very relaxed Tokyo at Inokashira Park!

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