Friday, December 12, 2008

cute deer schedule book

One of the things I really wanted to buy prior to going to Tokyo was a cute schedule book (planner). I knew I never "planned" much, but I wanted to have a cute little book in which I write down happy thoughts and happenings, as well as possible "plans".

After searching and comparing hundreds (literally!) of the schedule books at the stores, I bought a green "eau de mer" one!

cute "eau de mer" deer cover
I love the green, the polka dots, and the deer!

ALL the pages have cute little pictures on them! Here are a few cute pages:

cute black cat and christmas tree page
Nothing beats a cute black cat and a Christmas tree for December.

The schedule book actually starts from September 08 to December 09. The Sep.-Nov. 08 sections only have the monthly pages, but from Dec. 08 on there are weekly pages as well.

cute deer page
The illustrations coordinates the season, and the time of the year. There are deers and flowers for the Spring months.

cute porcupine and friends page
Porcupine and friends, and empty trees and acorns for one of the fall months.

There are also Japanese Subway maps for some of the largest metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Osaka... there's even a map for Hokkaido.

tokyo subway map
Tokyo Subway map.

Don't know if it's of any use for me right now, but all the Japanese holidays and festivals are marked on the calendars. Simple conversions are also included. There are also charts and calorie counters (mostly for Japanese food) and note pages, with tons of cute illustrations of the deer, the porcupine, the black cat, the sheep, and some other friends. CUTE.

There were a few different versions of covers for this series of schedule books, but I belive the inside pages are pretty much the same.

I also bought a few sheets of "schedule seals" for the book. These little stickers are adorable, too.

I started using it yesterday. CUTE!

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