Wednesday, December 03, 2008

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Ikebukuro: Mutekiya Ramen

After we arrived in Tokyo, we took Narita Express (JR) and got to Ikebukuro. We checked into our hotel and decided to go to Mutekiya to have ramen.

I did some research and found that Mutekiya probably had the best ramen in Ikebukuro, and off we went. According to their web site, Mutekiya is about a 3-minute walk away from the east exit of the Ikebukuro station. I don't quite remember how long we walked when we got to the shop, but it was definitely more than 3 minutes.

We walked along Meji Dori and arrived at Mutekiya.

mutekiya signage
"Mutekiya" in kanji.

While we were in line I had to take pictures!

signs ouside mutekiya
Mutekiya's famous "ramen bowl/wok" sign, where the ingredients of the ramen were illustrated.

mutekiya menu
After a few minutes wait, a girl from the shop brought us the menu, and took our order. Both John and I ordered their signature ramen (the one on the top right of the page), and I got a side bamboo shoots and "soft center" egg (each for 100yen).

We were able to get seated pretty soon after the girl took our order. We were guided to the seats at the bar that's facing the kitchen.

mutekiya tea concentrate
There are a few pitchers of jasmin tea concentrate (on the right side of the photo) and iced water, where customers can mix the two and make yummy iced teas to their desired strength. I drank a few glasses.

mutekiya ramen
My ramen and sides. Yay!

Mutekiya's ramen was delicious. John and I thought their pork slices were probably the thickest and had the best textures and flavors among all the ramen we had on this trip. Yumminess.

mutekiya condiments
There were also spicy pickles and "no-stink" garlic on the counter.

mutekiya ramen counter
It was fun to watch and listen to people enjoy their ramen! Notice you can see John's open mouth in the photo. hahaha.

Mutekiya's ramen definitely gave our trip a great start!

P.S. These photos were taken with our Sony camcorder.

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