Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Miyazaki's Ghibli Museum in Mitaka

Visiting Miyazaki's Ghibli Museum in Mitaka was one of my must-do things in our trip to Tokyo this year.

The day we purchased the tickets at Lawson's that morning, I was really excited we were finally going to see the museum.

Our admission time was four o'clock. We walked alongside the Inokashira Park according to the signs indicating the museum's direction. It was almost getting dark, and we were getting a little worried, but then eventually saw this:

ghibli museum
It was the head of the big sky robot!

We arrived at the gate, and there were a lot of people already. After we entered the museum, we showed the staff the tickets and they gave us cool limited edition "movie stubs" (that I will find in my luggae and take pictures of soon!)

No cameras allowed in the museum, so there isn't any... but we watched a short film by Miyazki about how Mei (the cute little sister in Totoro) visited Totoro and the whole Totoro world! It was awesome! I think this alone was worth the adimission fee.

After watching the film, we were able to see Miyazaki's work room, his scatches and paintings, all his previous works (including those from his childhood) and such. It was just amazing.

Of course we also visited the gift shop... I was tempted, but no I didn't get anything. Can you belive it?

There was a kid play area with a giant cat bus and kids were having a blast! No cameras allowed still, though. Past the play area we went out side onto the belcony:

water fountain
A water fountain! I did have quite a few sips here.

fish bench
A fish bench with a handle(?) or clock hands(?) of some sort. The bench was very sturdy by the way.

going up
And then we went up here.

And then we saw the big sky robot!

big sky robot
He was giant!

Everyone was taking pictures and staying in line to have their pictures taken with the robot.

big sky robot
You know these were not us. Just a random cute couple that posed with the robot.

A girl was kind enough to offer to take pictures of us, and we did the same for her. She was so cute!

We then walked around the museum.

robot cover
A robot manhole cover.

There was also Kiki's room and behind the bakery areas (from Kiki's Delivery) but it was a little bit too dark for my video camera to pick up anything great.

But then we saw Totoro!


big totoro
I love Totoro! :)

ghibli museum mitaka
It was one of my favorite museums ever!

Oh, and I really loved it when I saw the little figurines that spin and made animation movements. I was very deeply moved.

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