Monday, February 23, 2009

jasper went to the vet's

A couple weeks ago I post about how Jasper liked to stick his tongue out. I asked a few of my friends who have cats, and they told me the tongue "action" was normal, but I still decided to have the vet check Jasper out, just to be sure he's OK.

The vet told us Jasper had an infection near one of his teeth Thursday. Friday we brought Jasper back to the Vet's office to have the infection taken care of. This poor little guy had 3 of his teeth out after the vet cleaned up the infection! :(

When Jasper first got home everyone wanted to see him.

He was a bit groggy for a couple of hours.

Jasper is tough, and he's doing all right. John and I have been giving him wet food under the vet's instructions, and we've also been able to sneak in his antibiotics and pain meds in the food without him noticing.

Maybe he knew there was medicine, but he eats his food anyhow. Good boy.

The only thing that really bothers him is the wrap on his front left leg. I guess that was where the vet shaved his hair, and stuck the IV needles in. Jasper still tries to shake it off and/or bite it off. I think we'll pull the wrap off and check it soon to make sure his skin is not irritated too much.


Parker said...

Poor cute little Jasper.
Good thing you guys went to the vet. I hope Jasper feels better asap.
love love love

yiching said...

I think he's feeling better already! :) He's one tough little kitty.