Monday, February 16, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Ueno Park - Shrines

ueno shrine
We saw these beautiful small shrines at Ueno Park.

Different shrines are "in charge" of different matters. We've been to a few in Kyoto that were in charge of love, career, birth, etc.. I believe the flower garden shrines here in Ueno Park is in charge of love and marriage.

The little red shrines were lined up all the way down the stairs. They were so pretty!

A temizuya by the shrines at the bottom of the stairs.

big buddha shrine
We also saw the big buddha shrine near by.

I think there was a big earthquake where the giant buddha statue was destroyed, but the face of the buddha survived and was preserved here.

big buddha shrine
The big buddha shrine.

A temizuya right there of course.

Ahhh... beautiful shrines.

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