Thursday, February 05, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Yokohama: Aka-Renga Soko Part.3 - Out By the Bay

We really enjoyed the inside of Aka-Renga Soko, and the outside was just as fun!

It was almost 4 pm and getting dark already! I wish it was brighter out so I could take better pictures... but I still remember the beautiful Yokohama bay and the happy people...

nippon maru?
Huge and beautiful ship by the bay.

outside aka-renga soko
Beautiful (but a bit dark) sky.

Happy people and dogs!

dreadlock dog
Dreadlock dog! His owner was really nice and let us pet this little guy and took picture of him.

minatomirai area
Looking out toward the Minatomirai area. This was another time where I wished I had a better camera on me!

Ahhh Yokohama bay.

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