Wednesday, February 11, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Going to Ueno Park

The third day we were in Tokyo we went to Ueno!

Before we headed off from Ikebukuro, we ate gyudon (beef bowl) for breakfast at Yoshinoya.

Everything at the shop was logo-ed! I loved how the tea cups were "rounded" in my hand.

Most of the rice bowl places, such as Yoshinoya, are open 24 hours a day, which means people can have a hot bowl of food every minute of the day!

My favorite was still their classic gyudon.

After breakfast we took JR to Ueno.

ueno station
... and took the "Park" exit.

It was almost like everyone was going to Ueno Park that day... (I believe that was during the Japanese's Labor Day weekend)... there were tons and tons of people!

The park was just across street from the station, and there were many food/drink stands in between.

colorful bananas
Are those bananas?

colorful bananas
I was totally intrugued by these colorful bananas on sticks!

Plenty of people were eating those bananas! I didn't like "processed" bananas so I didn't get one, but I had a lot of fun watching other people enjoy them! :D

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