Monday, February 09, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Yokohama: Cosmo Clock Ferris Wheel

It was not quite 5 pm., but already getting dark in Yokohama.

aka-renga soko at night
Aka-Renga Soko at night. It looked almost mysterious.

We wanted to go onto the ferris wheel, and all we needed to do is to look around and found its direction!

There was the famous Yokohama ferris wheel, the "Cosmo Clock 21."

yokohama ferris wheel
It was called a "clock" for a reason.

There were a lot of people in line to get on the ferris wheel, but we got our tickets and stayed in line for less than half an hour and we were on it!

at the ferris wheel
Looking inside the ferris wheel.

landmark building
Looking out from the ferris wheel cart... with the Landmark Tower on the left.

yokohama bay
And you can see the whole Yokohama bay!

May I say how frustrated I was when I noticed I forgot to bring my "regular" camera... all these photos were taken with my video camera, and the battery died when we were up in the air inside the ferris wheel cart! Oh well. I did take a lot of "mental" pictures after that.

DO go on Cosmo Clock if you visit Yokohama! The view was just amazing!

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