Friday, February 27, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Kushiya: Food on a Stick

When we went to Osaka we visited this little place where you eat fun fried foods on sticks, and drink beer, and be happy.

I did a quick research online before heading off to Tokyo and found that Kushiya serves food on sticks and you get to fry your own sticks at your table.

I checked their web site and decided to go to one of their stores in Shinjuku.

shinjuku night
After being lost for a little bit, we found the store among these signs.

It was a night before a national holiday, so the restaurant was busy. I think we waited about half an hour or so before we were seated. Not too bad.

We were guided to our "frying table." A girl explained to us how things work.

Kushiya designed their seats with a box underneath, where you can store your jackets and accessories in to avoid the risk of having your clothes catch the "fry smell." Cool.

Food area at Kushiya.

At the food area customers can get meats, vegetables, seafood, savory cakes and such on sticks inside the refrigerated glass cases. There were also other food items like soups, rice, snacks, and desserts.

You can theoretically fry any kind of food in the store. They supply you with a light batter and crumbs, and off you start frying!

I got all kinds of fun stuff.

Ahhh I love those small fish with lots of roe inside.

Frying guide at the table.

John taking a bite.

I was frying seafood, cakes, sausages, chicken, meatballs, and all sorts of crazy ingredients. There were also different dipping sauces for people to choose from.

We had quite a few sticks!

We also had almond tofu and custard for dessert. Yum.

Overall the food was OK, but the experience was fun and interesting!

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