Thursday, February 26, 2009

waffle house

For the past couple times we were in Denver, and were hungry late at night, we would go to Waffle House. It's open 24 hours a day, so we could go and have hot meals any time!

waffle house
It was a small but lovely diner, with a cool guy cooking and a happy lady serving. (late at night)

waffle house
Fairly extensive menu.

waffle house
Oooo what should I get?

waffle house
I think I got a ham & cheese omelet meal... with toast and hash brown, and little sausage patties.

Their has brown is different than that I was more used to... they were almost like short noodles! The sausage patties were firm and flavorful.

double waffle
John got their double waffle.

The waffles were thin(ner), pretty, and buttery.

Ahh I wish there's some waffles in front of me right now.


Parker said...

Waffle House is HUGE here in the South. Did you eat some grits?

yiching said...

I had some grits last time we went... still trying to figure out what exactly it was! :p