Wednesday, February 25, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Shinjuku at Night

The day we went to Ueno we bought a JR East Day Pass, so we figured we'd take advantage of the pass and ride to as many places as we could. We bought some treats and goodies at Ameyayokocho (in Ueno) and brought it back to the hotel (in Ikebukuro) first, then we decided to go to Shinjuki to have dinner at Kushiyamonogatari, which would be a post of its own later on.

We arrived at Shinjuku on the JR, and did get lost for a little bit... but we got to see the pretty and sparkling shinjuku lights!

shinjuku night

shinjuku night
I really like this photo... it almost looks like something mysterious is coming down from the sky!

shinjuku night
One of the things that were really interesting to me was that there could be tons of different small businesses, food or retail, within the same building in Tokyo... and they have the signage to prove it!

I took some more pictures, but most of them were a bit fuzzy... I like them, however, so if you like you can check them out on my flickr.

Oh, and we did manage to find the restaurant among the busy streets and buildings. It was on the 7th floor by the way.

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