Sunday, February 22, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Ameyayokocho: Seafood Donburi

I had read about this great place inside Ameyayokocho that had wonderful seafood donburi, so we thought we'd have it for lunch when we visited there.

We had to stay in line for a little bit, but then we were easily entertained by looking and trying to read off the colorful menu:

seafood donburi menu
John was pointing at the middle-toro and maguro (tuna) donburi.

There were too many choices! On top of deciding what we were going to have, I also needed to memorize the words of that particular donburi so I could order for us (since there was no menu by the register.) That was interesting.

seafood donburi place
There were a couple of tables outside where customers shared the spaces. This was actually where we were seated later on.

We were standing behind an outside table and we were almost at the ordering counter.

seafood donburi place
It's true. The whole store was only this big.

It was our turn to order and I spelled out what we were having to the lady... thank goodness she understood me.

seafood donburi
I had the Ikura (salmon roe) and Maguro (tuna) donburi. Both the salmon roe and the tuna tasted really fresh and delicious. I was in love.

salmon donburi
John had the Ikura (salmon roe) and Yaki-Salmon (grilled salmon) donburi. I think the salmon was actually more "seared" than "grilled." John liked it.

The shop was tiny and not-so-super-fancy-looking, and the dishes were actually pretty simple, where different seafood was prepared and placed on rice (usually with a little bit light soy sauce) in a bowl, but very delicious. I guess when you have fresh seafood, descent knife skills, and well-cooked rice, creating something simple and yummy is not difficult. That was one of the things I enjoyed the most when visiting Japan... tasting simple but good food!

Oh, and the shop offers a bowl of miso soup, as well as iced buckwheat tea (self-serve on the table) with the donburi. Nice.

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