Monday, February 02, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Yokohama: Jiyuken curry

After we visited the Yamashita Park, we hopped back on Minatomirai Line and got off the Minatomirai station.

I believe the station was connected to Queen Square, which was a very large shopping buildling. We decided to find a spot to eat at its "food floor".

We had our eye on Jiyuken.

The place was busy. We waited for a few minutes before we were seated.

curry fried chicken
Japanese-style fried chicken. A bit dry, but flavorful.

katsu curry rice
I got their "famous curry" with tonkatsu set.

The "famous curry" was rice with curry and spices, plus a raw egg that you stir and mix in with the rice before eating! It was tasty curry rice, and famous all right.

curry omu-rice set
John got their omu-curry-rice set.

The omu-rice was filled with curry spiced rice. John thought it was tasty as well.

While we were eating we saw some people purchasing curry buns. I was tempted to do so, but after the "famous curry" I was too full to eat anything else.

old curry bun ad
I did enjoy the vintage curry bun poster on the wall.

Interesting enough, Jiyuken started in Namba, Osaka, where we visted several times for the past few years... but I never tried their food until we visited Yokohama this time.

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