Saturday, February 14, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Ueno Park - Kitties and Clock

One of the things we notice at Japanese city parks is that there are usually many kitties roaming around... they never look and act like stray cats, but they are friendly and overall calm and happy.

At Ueno Park we saw a few!

There was this pretty little guy.

He was walking back and forth by a park bench, and there was a Japanese grandpa giving him treats. We thought the kitty belonged to the grandpa, but later found the kitty was a park cat and the grandpa apparently just visit and take pictures of him often.

the kitty photographer
So we were taking pictures of the grandpa taking pictures of the kitty. Both of them were really cute.

kitty and statues

I didn't know what these statues were... they looked like a mother and her children. I later found out this was a memorial statue in honor of the victims of an attack in Tokyo in 1945. I read a simplified version of the story here(Japanese).

And then this other little guy came along.

kitties and clock
People loved the memorial clock tower and the kitties.

And the kitties seemed to be friends and got along.

Later we saw more kitties in the park. They all seemed to be enjoying the sun, or the view of people.

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