Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Kappabashi Faux Foods

After Ameyayokocho we decided to check out Kappabashi, which was said to be the largest restaurant supply street in Tokyo. I checked out the map in front of the Ueno Station and thought Kappabashi was not too far to walk to... but it was! At one point while we were walking I thought we were lost. Thankfully a police I later found another station that was closer by, though.

Anyhow, to my dissappointment, many of the stores were closed due to the long holiday weekend... but I still had fun looking at the shops that were open.

Niimi Man.

When we saw this guy with a chef hat on, we knew we were close! Niimi was at the beginning of the Kappabashi street.

Among the shops that were open, the ones that interest me the most were the faux food stores.

faux parfait
Faux parfait!

There were also faux sundae, azuki bean soup, and other dessert items. They looked so real! A bit pricey though. The faux parfait were 4,700 yen a piece... but they would never go bad!

faux sushi
Faux sushi. The colorful ones on the left were scoops of ice-cream.

faux mochi
Faux mochi.

I think these were my favorite! They looked so real... with the katakuriko (potato starch) on the outside and all! Plus I love mochi.

faux japanese food
Faux donburi (rice bowls).

I think they actually put individual grains of rice in these!

faux japanese food
Faux seafood and noodles.

Many of the restaurants have these in their windows, especially those in department store food floors. I'm excited every time I see them. They are just awesome!

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