Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Ameyayokocho: People and Stands

After Ueno Park we walked for a couple of blocks and arrived at Ameyayokocho. It was a street filled with food stands, small specialty shops, seafood stands, and other food vendors. Since the day we were there was part of the national holiday long weekend, there were tons and tons of people as well.

Beginning of Ameyayokocho.


It was so crowded John and I literally just held hands and wished we wouldn't lose each other in the crowd. It was crazy! I pretty much take tiny little steps and let the crowd push me along for a while.

fruit on a stick
Fruit on a stick.

I've read in other people's blogs that these sticks of fruit were yummy. I didn't try it, even though they did look juicy and sweet.

specialty 1000 yen shop
1000yen specialty shop.

This shop was selling big bags full of goodies for 1000yen a piece. The guy standing up higher would grab some cookies, candies, or other treats and put them in a big bag, and tried to get customers to buy that particular bag. If no one was buying, he'd grab some more treats and plead again. Very entertaining to watch I'd say, and plenty of people got many of the bags!

seafood stand
A seafood stand.

There were many seafood stands inside Ameyayokocho as well. A lot of them would have signs saying that the seafood they were selling were just in from Tsukiji. They did seem very fresh.

some- yaki
These were called "ameyoko-yaki," I think.

I didn't quite get its name... but they did look very delish, and plenty people were in line waiting to purchase some.

More people.

There were many choices for food and treats, and we managed to try two, which I am going to post about next. :)

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