Wednesday, February 04, 2009

[Tokyo Fall 2008] Yokohama: Aka-Renga Soko Part.1

We walked around Minatomirai area in Yokohama for a while, and saw these signs:

aka-renga soko

I've heard of fun shops at the "Aka-Renga Soko," and decided to go check it out.

"Aka-Renga Soko" literally means "red-brick warehouse." I believe there are many of them all around Japan, and most of them were built during the Meji period. Today a lot of the Aka-Renga Sokos have become tourist spots and/or unique shopping districts.

We followed the signs and eventually saw this:

aka-renga soko
This must be it!

aka-renga soko
It was indeed, all brick!

aka-renga soko
There were underground compartments as well.

aka-renga soko
There were also unique hardwares all around the warehouses.

Many shops small and large were here. There were plenty food establishments as well. John and I found a place where there were "bone-in" sausages. It was cool!

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