Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentine's cake!

John and I didn't do much on Valentine's... we were at the shop pretty much all day!

I did manage to make a cake. It's a classic white cake with strawberry and chocolate whipped cream in the center. I frosted it with more chocolate whipped cream and decorated it with light strawberry whipped cream (the heart and the dots). And yes I love whipped cream, and I made it from scratch! I did "over-whipped" the chocolate one slightly, though.

valentine's cake
hmm... cake.

valentine's cake
and of course I used my pink heart Corelle platter for it.

valentine's cake
It was yummy. Even Yama wanted some.

And for the extra strawberry whipped cream I froze it and made it into strawberry ice-cream. hmm... strawberry.

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